The Old North End Veterinary Clinic (ONE) is being transferred to and will be merged with the Humane Society of Chittenden County’s Community Pet Clinic (HSCC/CPC). We will no longer be seeing clients as the Old North End Vet clinic after January 27, 2024.

CPC will have possession of all ONE patient records and will be in the same location at 57 North Champlain Street. If you choose to continue your pet’s care with CPC, contact them for an appointment when needed and tell them you are a ONE client. They will have access to all your pet’s vet records. If you choose to continue your pet’s care elsewhere, please contact ONE, tell us which vet clinic you’ll be going to, and we will transfer your pet’s records electronically to the new clinic.

CPC is in the process of getting fully staffed and will be fully open for business soon.

If you stay with CPC, you might run into Crystal and Liz, although they won’t be the only veterinarian and vet tech working there. HSCC has a great crew. We are truly happy to be turning over our patients, our clients, and our little clinic to the very caring and capable hands at HSCC. We wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t know that CPC provides exceptional basic medical care.

We started as a house calls practice and needed an office space away from home. We became the Old North End Veterinary Clinic in 2006. Seventeen years later, Susan and Kit are moving on. We have truly loved this work, our clients, thousands of patients, and the ups and downs of owning a small business.

Kit recently turned 70 and fills her days with pickle ball, some travel, and working with organizations providing direct services to the unhoused folks in our community. Susan will continue with end-of-life house call services. She was recently ordained as a Deacon in the Episcopal Church and is working with Vermont Interfaith Action and their efforts to change systemic problems of injustice in our communities.


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