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Reputable and Well-informed Pet Care Websites


There is a lot of information out there and we support clients who are eager to do research about their pet's care and condition. The sites listed below are well-informed and, we believe, reliable. When you are searching for information, please just look closely before spending a lot of time on sites that are not linked to a university or vet school, a professional association, or some legitimate organization. There is a lot of bad information out there too and we don't want you caught up in it!

Follow these rules when doing your own research and it will save you a lot of time, money, and grief.
1. Veterinary college websites are good.
2. National breed specific organizations are good sources for breed specific problems.
3. Avoid business sponsored websites for the most part. Some are ok, some are just trying to sell.
4. Recognize and AVOID anecdotal information and websites built around one person's claim for a cure or horror story.
Stick to science.

General Medical Information:

Pet Emergency / 911

24/7 Pet Poison Hotline

Pet Loss Support Hotline

Pet Loss Support Hotline II

Reliable Pet Medical Library

Reliable Pet Medical Library #2

Pet First Aid Kit and Primer

Tick Encounter Resource Center

Poisonous Houseplants and Ornamentals

Worms & Germs that can infect our pets (and us!)

Pet Obesity and Prevention

Pet Food Safety and Food Recalls

Yes, We Have Rabies in Vermont!

Puppy Socialization Video

Pets and Parasites - What You Need to Know

Financial Assistance for Veterinary Costs

Diabetes in Dogs and Cats

More on plants, poisons and risks to your pet.

The incredible two headed cat?

Cats Only

How to Pill Your Cat

Cats & Carriers, Friends not Foes - Video

Cat Health Topics

More Cat Health Topics

Senior Cat Care

Diabetic Cats

Is your cat at risk for worms?

Cat Behavior 101

Excellent Cat Health Articles

Medicating Your Cat


Euthanasia Support

Vermont Pet Memorial Services

Association for Pet Loss & Bereavement

Pet Loss Articles and Poetry:
Urns, Markers and Stones

Killian's pal Squash


Inherited Diseases in Dogs

Heartworm Disease

Blind Dogs

Canine Cancer Library

Sam soaking in the sun.

Top 10 Behavioral Tips

Environmental Enrichment for Pets

Locating a Certified Animal Behaviorist

On-Line Pet Behaviorist

Why hire a certified veterinary behaviorist?

Local certified dog trainers

Cheddar, the Cheese!



VHumane Society Adoptions: The Best Deal in Town

Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic (VT-CAN) - Middlesex

Spay Neuter Clinic for Income Eligible Vermonters

Green Mountain Animal Hospital

Orchard Veterinary Hospital

Cats Vermont

Pet Food Warehouse

Penro - Our Local Compounding Pharmacy

Fantastic Link to Local Pet Resources


The Spooky-Shelby Sue Memorial Fund

Vetri-Science Laboratories - Home of Glyco-Flex Products for Dogs, Cats, and Horses