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Challenging Pets (or 'my pet would rather do anything than go to the vet...')

Many of us have had pets who did not do great at the vet. Maybe they didn’t love strangers. Maybe something scared them once. Maybe it’s just experienced as a kind of scary place. We get it! I had a very, very sweet cat named Fang (not because she was mean). She was a totally sweet cat. I boarded her once over at the Hinesburg Animal Hospital (I was on staff at the time). Turns out, my sweet lap-loving harmless kitty would not let them into her kennel! She was scared out of her gourd and she let them know it. So, I understand that the best pets in the world can be frightened as misbehave.

Please tell us in advance if your pet has had any negative experiences or if you know in your heart that your pet would rather be anywhere than at a vet appointment.

We won’t turn you away or forever brand your pet ‘bad’. If we know in advance, we can work with you to find a way to make the experience a little less scary. If the scary memories were at a different clinic, PLEASE do not assume that all will be well at the Old North End Clinic. Tell us about the fears and see if we can address them in advance. Don’t be shy or embarrassed! We truly want to make each visit as good as possible. If the fears pop up again, your pet’s first appointment with us may not be successful. Everyone does better when we work together, especially your pet!

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