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Vet To Pet Mobile Veterinary Service

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Vet To Pet Mobile Veterinary Service

Our goal is to provide reliable, low pressure veterinary services to you and your pets in the comfort of your home. We serve Chittenden County and a bit beyond. Our clients prefer in-home care for a variety of reasons ..…. pets who do not travel well, owners who do not travel well, too many pets to go to the vet, and busy lives where you’d rather that we just come to you.

Typically, our house call appointments will be between 9 and 5 on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday. We will provide a specific two hour window for your appointment. In other words, you might be told that the vet will be at your home on Tuesday sometime between 9 and 11 a.m. Around 9 am, you should be sure that your pet or pets are sequestered in a room (with closed doors!) so we don’t have to find Fluffy or chase Charlie when he or she runs to the basement as soon as a stranger arrives. Don’t laugh, this happens all too often. Cats are masters at hiding well. If we can’t find your pet, we can’t complete the work we came to accomplish.

We are prepared for well and sick pet exams, geriatric consultations, health certificates for travel, vaccinations, and minor in-home treatments and supportive care. We offer multiple pet discounts. We are also available for end of life hospice care and euthanasia when that difficult time comes.

We take the time to learn about each animal’s condition, discuss pertinent medical information, explain treatment and nutrition options, review preventive health care and all of an owner’s concerns.

Our goal is for every pet owner to understand the medical care that each animal receives.

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